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Strong, beautifully crafted windows can elevate the appearance of any home, as well as improve the day-to-day comfort and well-being of its occupants. At Windows Pro, we provide custom windows replacement Utah and window installation Salt Lake City services to help you achieve the perfect look, longevity, and energy efficiency you are looking for. Working with the highest quality windows from top manufacturers, we offer our customers professional workmanship and customer service that are second to none.

About Us

Windows Pro is the premier provider of professional window installation Salt Lake City solutions for homeowners and businesses in our community. Serving the Salt Lake Metropolitan area, our window replacement company Utah has completed countless custom window installation Salt Lake City and window replacement Salt Lake City through our many years in business. Our highly experienced and skilled team delivers top-quality workmanship with exceptional attention to detail in order to ensure each and every installation meets the highest standard, allowing our customers to enjoy long-term comfort and energy efficiency. Window Pro always strives for full customer satisfaction in everything that we do, from home window replacement Utah to installing windows in Salt Lake City.

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Our team offers fast, reliable, and affordable window installation and "replacement window Utah" services for homes and businesses throughout the Salt Lake Metropolitan area. We work with products from the leading window manufacturers in the country to bring our customers quality window installation Salt Lake City that will last. We can assist with any custom window installation in Salt Lake City needs, as well as window glass replacement, window repairs, and more. Whether you are looking for a window replacement company in Salt Lake City or a standard sliding window for the bedroom, or a decorative garden window for the kitchen, we can help you find the perfect solution to fit your space and within your budget.

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Vinyl windows provide high performance at an affordable cost. When you need a "replacement window Utah" that is resilient against the elements, easy to clean and maintain, and highly customizable, vinyl windows are the perfect choice. They are the preferred option for builders, architects, and homeowners alike thanks to their numerous advantages, as well as their budget-friendliness. We offer a wide range of vinyl window solutions to fit your needs and provide you with beautiful, long-lasting windows in Salt Lake City that will enhance your home’s value, aesthetic, and comfort.

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For the strongest and most resilient windows in Salt Lake City, fiberglass is the material of choice. Fiberglass windows are known for their outstanding durability and ease of maintenance, typically boasting a lifespan of over a decade with proper "window installation Salt Lake City" and care. In addition to their high performance, they also maximize the glass-to-frame ratio to provide ample natural lighting and unobstructed views. If you are looking to invest in windows that will serve your home well for years to come, contact us to learn more about our fiberglass window installation and replacement service.

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Windows serve to provide a building with natural light and ventilation; however, they can also add a decorative element to any space. Garden windows are a lovely addition that can help to make a room more spacious and provide a perfect showcase for houseplants, books, photos, or another décor. We offer custom garden window installation Salt Lake City for spaces of all sizes. Our team can work with you to design a stunning garden window that will fit your needs and suit the aesthetic and architecture of your home.

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Sliding windows are a popular choice for a wide range of different placements and architectural styles. The expansive glass panels provide generous natural lighting and wide-open views, making them an attractive and highly desirable option for any space. Whether you are looking to install a small second-story bedroom window or a floor-to-ceiling wall of "windows Salt Lake City" for the main floor dining room, sliding windows can be a great choice.

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Single-hung and double-hung windows Salt Lake City provide an elegant, classic look that perfectly complements historical or traditional homes. They can allow ample sunlight and airflow into the home while enhancing security and energy efficiency when fully shut. Our team will help you choose a window style and design that will enhance the beauty of your home while delivering the level of performance you are looking for at an affordable cost.

Install New or Replace Windows

What is often called the replace window and the "new build" window are the same thing, both are new windows in Salt Lake City. The difference is in how the windows are installed, and these options depend on the type of window you are replacing.

When replacing existing wooden windows, he has two options.Whole frame replacement windows Utah remove the whole frame and wings and put back on the original lugs.Paste - removes the sash component only (existing frame is preserved).

Cost And Payment

The contract must include a breakdown of the price of the window installation Salt Lake City project as well as all associated fees. If a payment plan is in place, the total amount owed, the interest rate, the number of installment payments, the dates on which they are due, and the final payment should all be listed. No last minute add ups.

Budget And Expenses

Let money constraints not stand in the way of you reaping the rewards of new windows for your house. There are some of the most affordable financing options available from Window Pro! Lower-quality windows that may require replacement more frequently, but investing in high-quality windows over time will allow you to start saving money on energy costs and improving noise insulation right now. Along the journey, whether you have any concerns about window installation, Salt Lake City or window replacement Salt Lake City specifics, product value, or the best financing alternatives for your needs, our customer service representatives are here to help to modernize your house.

Warranty Time period

Your windows are made in a nearby manufacturer, which allows us to retain their high quality. We promise to provide you with excellent service, and we also promise that you'll be satisfied. The products from Windows Pro have a lifetime warranty, depending on the product and service you choose..The fact that their new home windows are covered by warranty is one of the main advantages that most homeowners find with "home window replacement Salt Lake City" firms. Although warranties are crucial, not all of them offer the same level of protection.

The entire window is typically covered by lifetime warranties indefinitely. In other words, the glass, sash, locks, latches, and frame are all covered by a warranty that can be transferred if the house is sold.Certain components of the window are often protected against manufacturer defects by limited lifetime guarantees. Therefore, the manufacturer will repair the pane, for instance, if the glass splits at random and the pane is covered under warranty. These warranties might not always be transferable to new owners.


Doors and windows can be intricate. Start with the fundamentals and learn about the many types, materials, and product lines of windows and doors.

Consult An Expert

An expert from Windows Pro "window replacement company Utah" will visit your home for an in-home consultation to address your concerns, measure your windows and doors, go through installation or replacement choices, and offer you a free estimate.

Get Motivated

View images of actual well-equipped homes to obtain ideas. Depending on what you want to see, sort by shape, color, style, or room.


Occasionally, selecting the best windows comes down to the quality of the components, specifically the glass and frame types.

Since vinyl windows are lightweight, simple to install, and require little upkeep, almost all "window replacement companies Salt Lake City" use them. Finding a window replacement company Utah that works with houses that have wood windows, however, might be a little more challenging. It can be even harder when metal windows are used in rooms with an industrial design aesthetic.

The glass merits consideration as well. Impact glass may not be a product that some businesses use, while others use. The same holds true for people who want to protect stained glass under a better-insulated storm cover or for those who choose low-E glass because it is more energy-efficient.

Our Installation and Replacement Services

Many businesses are more than ready to offer you replacement windows Utah without explaining how they will be fitted. Then, when it comes to installation, you can be working with unqualified subcontractors. When you choose Windows Pro to replace the windows in your house, it won't happen.You can rely on our Certified Master Installers to uphold our industry's highest standards since they have experience installing windows of many colors, shapes, and sizes in a variety of homes. With a top-notch installation, you can be sure that your windows will give all the great advantages you've come to expect from Window Replacement Utah by Windows Pro. Additionally, our careful installers will take steps to safeguard your house from harm and debris throughout the process, and they won't leave until they have confirmed that your windows are operating correctly.

To start the stress-free window replacement company Utah process that Windows Pro offers, get in touch with us right away.

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The large variety of available window styles ensures there is always an option that will deliver the aesthetic and functionality you are looking for. Casement windows and awning windows can be wonderful additions to any home, seamlessly pairing with other window styles to achieve a visually pleasing configuration. We offer professional window installation Salt Lake City for all types of windows, including sliding windows, single-hung windows, double-hung windows, casement windows, awning windows, garden windows, and more.

Choose the Right Home Window Replacement Style For You

Improve your home's windows today! Our vinyl replacement windows Utah windows are all covered by lifetime warranties, and we are a top-rated window supplier in Utah that provides the best home windows replacement Utah windows recognised for increasing energy efficiency, lowering noise transmission, and reducing harmful UV rays.

  • Single Slide Windows

  • Double Slide Windows

  • Casement Windows

  • Single Hung Windows

  • Double Hung Windows

  • Bay/Bow Windows

  • Tilt and Turn Windows

  • Custom Shaped Windows

  • Privacy Windows

Why Choose Us

What distinguishes Renewal or installation by Windows Pro from the other windows replacement companies Salt Lake City that advertise lovely and energy-efficient replacement windows?We strive to give you a hassle-free home update from the time you get in touch with us to talk about your replacement windows Utah needs to the moment you step back and admire how your new, expertly installed windows look in your house. We achieve this by offering:

  • Free, no-obligation design advice to assist you in selecting the best home window replacement Utah for your house

  • Custom windows with a wide range of design, aesthetic, energy-saving, noise-canceling, and other options

  • Windows that are designed to withstand severe weather and add beauty to your home for many years

  • Professional, factory-trained, and certified installation services

  • A substantial warranty protection level that is difficult to match elsewhere

Buy Online

Shop conveniently for windows, patio doors, front doors, parts, and accessories from the comfort of your home. You can get what you need with a few clicks.

Window Style

Finding a window style that matches the desired new design of the home or the appearance of the windows in other parts of the house is crucial when choosing a window replacement or new window installation Salt Lake City provider. This could restrict the alternatives in older homes with intricate, decorative features.

It is simple to find something that will work because at Window Pros windows replacement company Salt Lake City and window installation Salt Lake City company, we own "windows Salt Lake City" and offer a variety of styles. It is a bit more challenging to see what's in stock or even available because many smaller businesses will only carry what their partner manufacturers have to offer.

Advantage of Replacing Old Windows With Advanced Ones

You could be worried about how much it will cost to replace your windows or you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the vast array of materials and designs that are currently accessible. Even though it may take some time to comprehend what you want to accomplish and achieve with your home windows replacement Utah, the wide selection of Windows Salt Lake City available makes it simpler to choose the ideal match for your property and personal style. In order to aid you, we have put together useful information on the many benefits of replacing windows.

Not all consumers are aware of what to look for, despite the fact that many people in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas who are looking to replace their windows often have an idea of the design they want to install. The process of window replacement Utah is straightforward, regardless of whether you want to do it in a modern or contemporary style that gives your house a current appearance, or with the same design but constructed of higher-quality materials.

You can now choose from a huge selection of colors, materials, and finishes, all of which can be used while upholding high design standards at an affordable price.

  • Recenter and more affordable options have outstanding properties that not only enhance the appearance of your home but may also provide you with a warm, more practical alternative. Let's delve deeper into a few benefits of getting new windows instead of old ones:

    • replaces the glass in windows to improve insulation

    • Window frame replacement can enhance aesthetics.

    • Reduce costs by selecting energy-efficient windows.

    • Reduce internal harm

    • A home that is simple to maintain is safer and adds to the value of your property.

Do's and Don't Generally

  • DON'T forget to routinely vacuum the sill and track before cleaning.

  • DO look for hairline cracks, finish alterations, and dulling.

  • DO check for joint separation and water infiltration.

  • DO remove stubborn filth or grime with a non-abrasive cleanser, a solution of water and alcohol or ammonia, or both.

  • DO NOT subject unfinished wood to extreme humidity, heat, or moisture levels. Finish wood surfaces as soon as they are installed. Surfaces made of unfinished wood will age, degrade, and/or may bow and crack.

  • Weatherstrip, silicone beads, vinyl, glass, or hardware should not be stained or painted.

  • AVOID pressure washing. Caulk failure, glazing or seal damage, screen damage, and frame or glass fracture could result from this.


  • DO NOT use nail polish remover, furniture polish, liquid grease remover, adhesive removers like, harsh soaps or detergents containing organic solvents, or cleansers containing chlorine bleach. These elements could have an impact on the window's outward appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I change my windows?

There are some windows issues that are simple to fix. However, windows need to be changed if they are old, worn out, and leaky and can no longer effectively block out the heat and cold. Here are a few telltale indicators that it's time to replace your windows:

  • The windows' frame areas are draughty and difficult to heat and cool.

  • It's challenging to open and close windows.

  • You have windows that are older than ten years.

  • Despite the fact that billing rates have not increased, your electricity costs are rising.

  • Broken or ill-fitting glass is present in the frame.

  • Between the twin panes, there occurs condensation (This indicates a failure of the seal).

  • The frames are weak, split, or corroded, making it challenging to weather-seal them.

Which side of the house will the replacement windows be installed from?

Replacement windows are often placed from the outside. However, in some circumstances it could be required to replace a residential window from the inside. During our free design consultation, your installation specialist will decide which strategy is best for your property. If it's necessary to install one or more windows from the inside, the installer will walk you through the procedure.

Will purchasing vinyl replacement windows reduce my energy bills?

The Department of Energy estimates that 30% of heating and cooling expenses are wasted electricity from inefficient windows. The interior of your home might easily lose a constant torrent of thermal energy due to obsolete window frame construction and uninsulated glass. However, contemporary energy-efficient replacement windows are constructed with insulated window frames and thermal barriers between the glass panes for optimal energy efficiency. These improvements stop energy loss and save energy costs.

How frequently should I replace my home's windows?

Over the past 30 years, window technology has advanced significantly. Modern energy-efficient replacement windows are made for great performance and long-term durability; they might last for 15-20 years before needing to be replaced. Of course, a number of factors, including building quality, material selection, installation, climatic conditions, handling, and maintenance, affect how long house windows survive. If you hire a professional to install high-quality products, you might not need to replace your windows for at least 20 years, and possibly much longer.

Why are there two or three glass panes in some windows?

Many panes of glass are used in today's energy-efficient windows so that the space between them can be filled with various gases that either insulate or reflect harmful UV radiation. Energy-efficient windows have multiple panes, which creates a thermal barrier  stops air leakage and slows down the rapid transfer of heat from the inside out or the outside in.

Will a hardware store have comparable replacement windows?

Actually, no. The builder-grade windows offered at hardware shops are insufficient if your goal for your home is to achieve maximum energy efficiency and durability, a high-quality aesthetic, and significant resale value. You'll discover that they don't hold a candle to the superior items made by a well-known window manufacturer. Additionally, if you purchase from a hardware store, you will pay a significant markup because the hardware business is a dealer that must also pay an installer. Avoid paying more money at a hardware store for a subpar item. By purchasing from our window replacement company Salt Lake City instead, you will avoid middleman markup and receive the best, longest-lasting product.

How long does it take to install windows?

Most window replacement jobs can be completed in a day or two. The precise completion date is determined by the quantity of windows being placed and the kinds of pre-existing windows that need to be removed. A window installation typically takes about 30 minutes. Give yourself more time to seal the windows and clean up the area and work.

What is the price of vinyl replacement windows?

Vinyl windows typically cost between $300 and $700 per unit. The size and shape of the windows, the quality of energy-efficient glass, and whether or not bespoke colours are utilised will all affect the final price. We offer no money down, no payments, and 0% interest for 12 months, making it simple to get replacement windows installed! A bulk discount is also available if you purchase 10 or more windows.

Is replacement window glass uniformly produced?

No. Modern state-of-the-art energy-efficient window glass does not achieve the excellent performance that standard untreated single pane window glass does in the most basic windows. Combinations of tempered glass, Low-E glass, and double-pane windows filled with Argon or Krypton gas offer a variety of alternatives for maximising safety, durability, and energy efficiency. Every glass option improves the security and energy efficiency of your windows to a different extent. Examples include the use of Low-E glass, which has unique coatings to lessen heat transfer, and the use of dense Argon gas as a thermal insulator between glass panes.

What do window installers do?

Window installers and repairers manage projects for such work while working on windows in both residential and commercial buildings.

What qualities should a window contractor have?

Verify that the contractor is actually active at the listed business address, phone number, email address, and website. This is the most important step. Do a bit additional research to confirm:

  • Insurance: Before beginning any work on your property, any contractor should be happy to give you a copy of their liability and Workers' Compensation (if necessary) policy certificates.

  • Choosing a window style: Look through the window design alternatives provided by your selected contractor's web gallery. View the variety of options. Do they provide a wide selection of replacement windows that are high-quality, fashionable, and energy-efficient.

  • Choose a window contractor only if they offer solid product warranty protection and workmanship quality guarantee. Make sure installation, non-glass components, and glass are covered.

  • Reviews and recommendations from friends and neighbors or by reading online reviews, you'll get a better idea of what to anticipate from working with a window replacement company Salt Lake City you're thinking about.

  • Online reviews and ratings: Look up the contractor's reputation on the Better Business Bureau website and in online reviews.

What are the questions you should ask your window replacement company Salt Lake City?

Before the installation procedure starts, enquire about costs and other important but frequently forgotten details:

  • Can I view any samples of your previous work?Reputable window installation contractors would be happy to share examples of previous projects they've completed as well as feedback from past clients

  • What credentials and professional experience do you possess?Strong industry credentials have shown that contractors possess the knowledge and abilities needed to do high-quality work.Is there a charge for the estimate?If so, inquire about the cost.

  • Who will be present from your firm throughout the installation work?Find out if they will be using their own staff or subcontractors.

  • Will you finish the trim and finishes on the interior and exterior?If so, ensure the written estimate includes the price of that job.

  • When must I make a payment?Find out if a portion of the price is to be paid up front, after the installation work is finished, or both. Inquire about financing options. If so, inquire as to the available payment terms.

What kind of window frame material is best?

Each sort of window frame material has benefits and drawbacks of its own. We consider energy efficiency, strength, long-term durability, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic appeal when choosing the material for your window frames. The most frequently used materials for window frames are:Wood window frames are more aesthetically pleasing for historic homes, but they require a lot of maintenance and are susceptible to the elements.Vinyl window frames are less appropriate for changing the colour than wood, but they are more robust and practically maintenance-free than wood.Aluminium window frames don't have the aesthetic appeal of wood or the insulating qualities of vinyl, but they do provide sturdy support for larger glass panes.

Do replacement windows eventually pay for themselves over time?

Windows with high performance energy efficiency can result in large electricity bill savings, particularly in residences in extremely cold or hot areas. When windows are well-built, properly installed, and well-designed, they can significantly lower your energy waste consumption and lower your energy costs. To recoup expenses, you can also apply for an energy efficient home upgrade tax credit.

Should I attempt to replace my own windows?

Customers cannot purchase windows from us without having them professionally installed. It is essential to install energy-efficient windows correctly for them to function as intended. All problems in and around the window that could affect efficiency will be found and fixed by experienced fitters. With the purchase of our energy-efficient replacement windows from Advanced Window Products, homeowners won't have to worry about the installation process. Your brand-new windows will be fitted and balanced by our factory-trained installers for optimal performance.

Why do some windows have "Inert Gas" between the glass panes?

In energy-efficient windows, the space between two glass panes is filled with argon or krypton gas. Due to their greater density than air, these gases are useful at reducing the rate at which thermal heat is lost via the space between the panes. The gas-filled windows are a highly efficient barrier against heat loss by conduction due to the slowing of the heat transfer from the internal glass pane to the outer side. When gas-filled windows are operating as intended, the inner side of the window will feel only marginally cool to the touch on a cold day.

How important is the NFRC, and what is it?

Testing for window energy efficiency is done by the National Fenestration Research Council (NFRC). Consumers are informed by the NFRC window labelling that a window has undergone extensive testing and has been found to operate with a high level of energy efficiency.

How do I get ready for the installation of replacement windows in my home?

Here are some helpful preparations you can undertake to aid a seamless procedure for installing your new windows securely and quickly:

  • Take down any blinds, drapes, rods, or other window coverings.

  • Remove any furniture, artwork, or other objects from the area around the window and out of the way of the installers as they transport materials and tools into each window.

  • Disable the security alarm sensors momentarily.

  • To create a path for workers, installation work on the exterior side, trimming back tall brush, removing toys and yard furniture, etc.

  • To prevent risks to their safety and the window installers', keep kids and pets in places away from the work area and the traffic path.

What the U-Value of a Window Indicates?

The rate at which heat moves through a window from one side to the other is measured by its U-Factor. The window is energy-efficient if its U-Value is low. For a homeowner to be eligible for federal tax credits for investment in home improvements for energy efficiency, windows must have a U-Value of 0.30 or lower.

What is the best replacement window?

Vinyl windows that are energy-efficient provide the best total return on investment in terms of reduced energy costs, higher property value, and tax rebates. Additionally, they can greatly improve your family's level of comfort and enjoyment in your house.

Bow windows, bay windows difference.

Both bay and bow windows increase the amount of square feet of living space in a home and are made to let in a lot of light. Along with improving curb appeal and occupant quality of life, they both offer stunning exterior and interior design features. These are the distinctions between bow windows and bay windows.

A picture window plus two side windows (generally smaller ones) that surround it on the sides make up a bay window. The three windows are set apart from one another.

Bow Window: Bow windows often have four or five windows arranged to form a single, sweeping curve.

Who should do Window replacement- an installer or a contractor?

The effectiveness of energy-efficient windows is entirely dependent on the installation process. Select a seasoned contractor that is capable of handling every part of the work. This will make it more likely that your new, high-performance replacement windows will enhance your home's comfort and lower your energy costs, as is their intended function. Additionally, it will assist you in preventing structural damage that might occur when novice installers fail to properly modify unfinished apertures to fit window specifications.Select a reputable window replacement company Utah with a track record of stable operations and dependable delivery of high-quality goods and services. Finally, pick a service provider who provides an outstanding warranty and who will assist you when necessary to address any issues that may develop in the ensuing years.

Who is a Window Contract and what work should it be included by them?

A top-notch window installation company or window replacement company Utah will always include the following in the window purchase and installation agreement:

  • An itemised description of the replacement windows, including their style, energy-efficient window glass specifications (such as the gas fill type, etc.), frame material, finishing, exact measurements, hardware style, and customisation information, should be included in the agreement.

  • Bill of Materials: The contract should contain a copy of the BOM. Before you sign the contract, be sure that any necessary changes have been made.

  • Date Commitments: The agreement should expressly state the start and end dates for the replacement window Utah. It should also outline the company's process for resolving delays brought on by unforeseen circumstances that make it difficult to fulfill deadlines, like bad weather or structural problems.

  • Cost and Payments: The contract must include a breakdown of the price of the window installation or replacement project as well as all associated fees. A payment plan's down payment, interest rate, installment payments, due dates, and final payment should all be listed, along with any other fees, if there is one.

How can I tell if a window has been put properly?

A window should open and close fully, smoothly, and without sticking if it was put properly. You have a problem if your window sticks so badly that you have to push it to move or if it won't close all the way to the frame. The sash is either the wrong size for the window or wasn't correctly positioned.

Is it possible to install replacement windows from the inside or outside?

Windows can frequently be installed, at least in part, from the outside. The window openings in your home may have some characteristics that necessitate doing all or some of the replacement window installation inside because every home is different.

Is it possible to install replacement windows from the inside or outside?

Windows can frequently be installed, at least in part, from the outside. The window openings in your home may have some characteristics that necessitate doing all or some of the replacement window installation inside because every home is different.

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“The drafty old windows in our house were driving our energy bills up higher every year. We decided that replacing our windows would help save us money in the long run and make our home feel more comfortable from day to day. Windows Pro provided us with a very competitive quote after discussing our needs with us and going over our options. Their friendly service and exquisite workmanship have completely won us over.”

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